What is Community Healthcare?

Community healthcare is provided in the community or in patients' homes.

"Community health services provide a wide range of care, from supporting patients to manage long-term conditions, to treating those who are seriously ill with complex conditions. Most community healthcare takes place in people's homes. Teams of nurses and therapists coordinate care, working with professions including GPs and social care. Additionally community health provides preventative and health improvement services, often with partners from local government and the third sector."

Source: NHS Confederation

Community Teams at Parkview

The following community teams are based in or operate clinics at Parkview Primary Care Centre:

The District Nurses give care, treatment and advice in the patient's own home for those who cannot attend the surgery.

They can be contacted by telephoning 01241 854 404 (answering machine) between 8:30am - 5:00pm and through NHS 24 between 5:00pm and 8:30am.

Our Health Visitors are available to give advice on healthcare, particularly to children, expectant mothers, the handicapped and the elderly. If you have a problem, they can often help and will always be able to put you in touch with those that can.

The Health Visitors can be contacted by telephoning 01241 802 378 (answering machine).

The Community Midwife provides care during and after pregnancy. Although the team is now based in Arbroath, clinics are held in the outpatient suite in the practice each week. This is on an appointment basis. Referral to the midwife service is via self-referral which can be accessed at https://www.badgernotes.net/SelfReferral/CareLocation/tayside.

If you have a muscle, back or joint problem you can go direct to a physio without seeing a doctor.

First Contact Physiotherapy is for patients aged 16 and over. This is for new Musko Skeletal pain. Telephone appointments can be made for this service via the Practice’s reception (phone 01241 859 888).

For enquiries regarding an existing Physiotherapy appointment phone 01241 822 585.

Useful Information:

Appointments for Podiatry can be arranged via a self-referral system (without seeing a GP/nurse). Ask at our reception desk for a copy of a self-referral form for the podiatry team, and hand the completed form back to reception who will pass it to the podiatry department.

For enquiries regarding an existing podiatry appointment phone 01307 475 056.

Useful Information

Other Community Health Services and Attached Staff

NHS Tayside occasionally run other clinics from within the premises at Parkview. Examples of these NHS Tayside clinics include:

  • Speech Therapy (see the accompanying video introducing the Paediatric Speech Therapy Team)
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Drug and Alcohol service

Practice Pharmacist

Our Practice Pharmacist, Jill Maclean, works closely with the doctors to address areas of prescribing concerns.

The Practice Pharmacist can be contacted at the surgery if you have any medication queries and you can contact her through our main reception on 01241 859 888.

At times you may be invited to attend an appointment with the Pharmacist to discuss your medication. Find out more about the Practice Pharmacist and managing pain.

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