What is a repeat prescription?

Some medicines are only intended to be taken for a short period of time after which they can be stopped. Other medicines will need to be taken regularly on a long-term basis. In this case, the medicines may be entered onto your computer record at the practice, after agreement with the doctor. This will then form part of your repeat prescription record.

When you receive your repeat prescription there will be a repeat request slip attached to it on the right hand side. This lists all the medicines on your repeat record and can be used to request further supplies from us.

If any of the items on the list are no longer being taken, please let us know so that we can keep your computer record up to date.

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Repeat prescriptions are subject to regular review to ensure that the treatment is still appropriate and safe for you to continue with. Unless informed otherwise by your usual doctor, please make an appointment for a medication review during your birthday month. Remember - same day appointments will not be available for a routine review so arrange two or three weeks before.

You may also be invited to see the practice pharmacist who will review your medicine in conjunction with your doctor.

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Requesting repeat prescriptions

To request repeat prescriptions you can use one of the following methods:

  • Use the repeat request slip attached to your last repeat prescription. Either:
    • Hand it into the practice at reception, post it to us or put it through the letterbox when the surgery is closed.
    • Hand it into Boots Pharmacy, Dundee Street. This will take longer as the pharmacy still has to deliver the request to the practice.
  • Order online using Online Patient Services. Please print and complete our registration form or ask for one at reception.

Please note the repeat prescription telephone line was discontinued on 1 September 2023 - please use one of the alternative methods.

Please allow two full working days notice to process your request. Also remember that the pharmacy will require additional time to dispense your medication.

Collection of your repeat prescription

When the doctor has signed the prescription it can be collected in one of the following ways:

Collect from Boots Pharmacy or Letham Pharmacy

You can have your prescription sent to Boots Pharmacy (Barry Road or Dundee Street) or Letham Pharmacy to be fulfilled and your medications made up for collection.

Collect direct from the surgery

You can request to collect your prescription form from reception and take it to a pharmacy of your choice. Please do not ask anyone under the age of 16 years to collect for you, as we will have to refuse to hand over the prescription.

Online Ordering

You can order your repeat prescriptions via Online Patient Services. Please print and complete our registration form or ask for one at reception.

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Medicines not on Repeat

The doctor may prescribe medicines that do not appear on your repeat list. These may be short courses for a limited time period or medicines which your doctor wishes you to try before deciding whether to continue in the longer term.

In such cases it may be possible to request further supplies but you may be asked to make an appointment with the doctor before a prescription is issued. This is to ensure that the medicine is still appropriate for you to continue taking.

You can request these medicines through the usual repeat prescription channels and we will contact you if necessary, or you can contact reception.

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Boots Pharmacy, Barry Road

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