Reception Questions

The receptionist may ask questions because the doctor will require your medical records, any recent test results and hospital letters so that he/she has all the relevant information to hand before speaking to you.

You may also be referred to another person like a nurse rather than the doctor, which may save you time. Or you may need a morning appointment if, for example, you are having a blood test.

You must check in for your appointment either by using our touch screen beside the reception doors or by checking in at the reception desk. This is in order that the doctor/nurse is aware of your arrival. Also for health and safety we need to be aware of who is in the building at any given time.

You can find out more about what we do on the other side of the reception desk in our video tour:

The receptionists and office staff are bound by the same code of practice as the doctors and all matters are dealt with in strictest confidence.
The receptionist will ask why you wish an appointment with a nurse, as a double appointment is required for certain lengthy procedures e.g. cervical smears, asthma and Electrocardiograms (ECG's), and because some clinics are only held on specific days.
The receptionist taking your call will ask questions about the nature of your illness or problem so that the doctor can prioritise his/her home visits and ensure that urgent cases are seen first.
Samples are uplifted by 1.30pm in order that the laboratory can analyse/test the same day as they are acquired.
You may consult a doctor by telephone. As with routine appointments, telephone consultations can be pre-booked up to four weeks in advance. Please give a landline number as a matter of course. Find out more about making an appointment.
We record all incoming and outgoing telephone calls for training and safety purposes.

Joining or Leaving the Practice

You will need to complete a new patient registration form and bring it to the practice with proof of your identity. You will also be invited to make a new patient appointment. See full details on our procedure for new patients.

Unfortunately, if you move to an area outwith the Practice area NHS Tayside will not allow you to remain with this Practice.

Yes. Your granddaughter will be seen as an emergency and a nurse and/or doctor will provide appropriate treatment and advice.
No, your son does not have to register with the Practice. He can be seen as a temporary resident for up to 3 months. However if he stays longer he must then register with the Practice.

Your Appointment, Prescriptions & Test Results

Patients receive the best care when they work in partnership with their doctor or other healthcare professional. Read our information about you and your doctor.

You can get your GP10A prescription form fulfilled in any pharmacy within Scotland for no charge.

You can also get this fulfilled in any Pharmacy in England - if so, you will pay the English prescription charge.

There are local pharmacies which offer a service where they collect your signed prescription from the practice. You can then go direct to your pharmacy to collect your medication. They are:

  • Boots Pharmacy (Dundee Road)
  • Boots Pharmacy (Barry Road)
  • Letham Pharmacy

The doctor may prescribe medicines for you that do not appear on your repeat list. These may be short courses for a limited time period or medicines, which your doctor wishes you to try before deciding whether to continue in the longer term.

In such cases it may be possible to request further supplies but you may be asked to make an appointment with the doctor before a prescription is issued. This is to ensure that the medicine is still appropriate for you to continue taking.

You can request these medications through the usual channels, including:

  • via Online Patient Services: please register first - print and complete our registration form or ask for one at reception.
  • by using the repeat prescription request slip attached to your last repeat prescription

Further information and options are available on our page about repeat prescriptions.

There are many reasons why the repeat prescription re-order slip should be used:
  • It reduces the risk of mistakes e.g. wrong dosage or name of medication
  • It helps speed up the process
  • It keeps the prescribed medication record up to date
Regular and careful monitoring of all prescribed medicines is essential e.g. antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and oral contraceptives.

To access your test results, please contact the surgery on 01241 859888 and select Option 3. The result line is available Monday to Friday between 2pm and 6pm.

Further information is available in our leaflet How to get your results.

Our Reception Staff are not medically qualified to comment on results and can only give limited information as instructed by a doctor.

Further information is available in our leaflet How to get your results.

Carnoustie Medical Group has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. We will only disclose results to the person they relate to, unless that person has given prior permission in writing for their release, or if the patient is not capable of understanding the results.

Further information is available in our leaflet How to get your results.

If you require a copy of your test results for self-monitoring purposes, please request a copy in writing, or ask the Receptionist to message the doctor for approval.

Contact the practice on 01241 859 888 between 8:30am and 5:00pm and ask to speak to one of our secretarial team. They will be able to help you with your enquiry or help direct you to the correct department.


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