The practice has become increasingly aware of the use of Facebook and other Social Media platforms by patients as a means of them expressing their views regarding Carnoustie Medical Group.

Due to patient confidentiality, the practice is not in a position to respond to such 'Posts', nor clarify exactly what happened and the rationale for clinical decisions. Once a 'Post' has been put online, it is almost impossible to remove and defamation laws are equally applicable to Social Media. Although we may not reply, we are frequently made aware of such 'Posts'.

Never-the-less, we do genuinely welcome and encourage the views of patients to enable us to improve the service which we delivery, however all feedback to the practice should be made via the appropriate mechanisms.

Whilst on the subject of 'Facebook'.......

The clinicians sometimes receive 'Friends' requests online from patients.

Whilst 'Friend requests' are usually well-meant, the British Medical Association (BMA) advise that Clinician's should refuse 'Friend requests' from Current or Former Patients of the Practice, so please do not be offended that your request is declined.

Posted: 7 April 2014

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