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Who needs the flu vaccination?

Anyone who suffers from a health condition, who is pregnant, who is 65 or over or those who work in healthcare, should get the flu vaccine.

If you have a health condition, flu can hit you hardest. The vaccine is the safest and most effective way of protecting yourself.

Conditions and diseases which can make flu much more dangerous include:

If you have any of the listed conditions or any other health condition, even if you feel fit and healthy, please speak to your GP to find out if you should have the flu vaccine. Flu can seriously affect you, so, it's worthwhile getting immunised to avoid unnecessary worry for you and those close to you.

If you are pregnant, you are at greater risk of complications from flu. Having the vaccine now could help you avoid catching flu and protect your baby.

If you have children who suffer from any of the conditions above, they should be immunised too.

Anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment should also get immunised.

Unpaid carers of any age, including young carers, are also eligible for the flu vaccine.

If you are a healthcare worker (anyone who works in health and social care) it is recommended you have the flu vaccine too.

Further Information

For further information see the Immunisation Scotland website, provided by NHS Health Scotland:

Posted: 12 October 2015

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