Ear Care Clinics

A new ear care service has been introduced across Angus from the 16th January 2019 as part of the agreed Angus Primary Care Improvement Plan.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is normal and common, with approximately 1/3 of all older people reporting they experience this. Use of hearing aids and cotton buds increases the chance a buildup of ear wax in the ear canals. Ear wax provides a protective coating of the skin in the ear canal and should not normally need interfered with.

What to do when you have a problem

When wax plugs cause problems such as dulled hearing or discomfort, this can normally be managed through the use of ear drops. These are available over the counter in pharmacies. Almond oil drops, olive oil drops or sodium bicarbonate drops are all suitable. People who have a history of perforated eardrum should not use ear drops. Everyone else with problematic wax plugs should try ear drops for one week in the first instance.

If the ear drops do not work properly, or if you have problematic ear wax and a history of perforated eardrum, call the ear care clinic coordinator on 01382 596965 to arrange a suitable ear care appointment with the specialist team.

Ear care clinics run at Carnoustie Medical Group fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon. These clinics are delivered by specialists nurses, who use a technique called micro-suction which allows the inside of the ear to be closely examined using a binocular microscope or Loupes and the ear wax removed using a small suction tool rather than the syringing technique previously used. There is less risk of damage to the eardrum from micro suction than from syringing. Nurses delivering the clinic liaise with your general practice and ensure information about the ear care delivered is recorded within your GP record.

Further information

Read more in the leaflet Aural care clinic: information for patients.

Posted: 23 January 2019

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