Flu Vaccinations

With the additional risk of COVID-19 this year, it’s more important than ever that people get their flu vaccine to protect themselves, others and the NHS from flu.

We are currently delivering flu vaccinations for the following patient groups:

  • Patients aged 65 and over
  • Patients aged 18 – 64 and in an “at risk” group
  • Patients living with someone who was asked to shield due to the risk of Covid-19
  • Pregnant women (including those with ‘at risk’ conditions)
  • Health and social care workers

We have clinics scheduled for these groups throughout October and November. To book an appointment please telephone reception on 01241 859 888.

If none of our clinic times are suitable, patients can go to any pharmacy or our reception staff can book you an appointment at Arbroath Infirmary Outpatient Department.

Vaccinations for those aged 55-64 will be announced at a later date.

Patient feedback on our clinics

Patient feedback on our flu vaccination clinics has been overwhelmingly positive. Here's some feedback from our Facebook page:

"I had mine this morning and was very impressed with the organisation of this clinic. Well done to all Heath Centre Staff and the volunteers who helped it all run smoothly."
"What a well organised arrangement that’s been put in place. Highly efficient in its operation. A big thanks to all the staff for keeping us safe."
"Felt safe... well organised."
"Extremely well organised. Military precision and done with a smile... well done everyone."

What will happen when you attend?

Do not attend the practice if you have any Covid symptoms or are unwell.

  • Please maintain social distancing at all times and wear a mask/face covering.
  • Where possible, attend alone – do not bring a family member or friend for company. Family members who are also being vaccinated on the same day can be allocated a time near to your appointment. Where possible, please book these together.
  • Appointment times will be very strict – do not attend early or late – just attend at the time you are given.
  • You will enter via the main door and will be directed by staff to either the Doctor or Nursing corridor. Once vaccinated, you will be directed out of the building via a different exit to maintain your safety. Do not leave via the main door.
  • Do not wear layers of clothing – we need the arm you will be vaccinated in to be free from clothing.
  • We are aiming to vaccinate people as quickly as possible with minimal contact so you will be vaccinated standing up wherever possible.

Why is the flu vaccine important?

With the additional risk of coronavirus this year, it’s more important than ever that people take up their free flu vaccine. It provides the best protection against flu which is a serious and infectious virus that can be life threatening.

The flu vaccine is safe and it doesn’t contain any live viruses so it cannot give you flu. By getting the vaccine you are not just helping yourself and your loved ones, you are also doing your bit to help our NHS during the peak winter period.

Posted: 12 October 2020

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