Mass Vaccination Day

This year we have to factor in social distancing into our flu vaccination schedule and so we are introducing new systems to help keep everyone safe.

We are delivering a MASS VACCINATION DAY on Monday 5th October (8am – 6pm). This is for the following patient groups:

  • Patients aged 65 and over
  • Patients aged 18 – 65 and in an “at risk” flu vaccination category
  • Patients living with someone who was asked to shield due to the risk of Covid-19

To book an appointment for this clinic, please telephone reception on 01241 859 888.

Further dates/times will be available; however these are not confirmed at the moment.

What will happen when you attend

Do not attend the practice if you have any Covid symptoms or are unwell.

  • Please maintain social distancing at all times and wear a mask/face covering.
  • Where possible, attend alone – do not bring a family member or friend for company. Family members who are also being vaccinated on the same day can be allocated a time near to your appointment. Where possible, please book these together.
  • Appointment times will be very strict – do not attend early or late – just attend at the time you are given.
  • You will enter via the main door and will be directed by staff to either the Doctor or Nursing corridor. Once vaccinated, you will be directed out of the building via a different exit to maintain your safety. Do not leave via the main door.
  • Do not wear layers of clothing – we need the arm you will be vaccinated in to be free from clothing.
  • We are aiming to vaccinate people as quickly as possible with minimal contact so you will be vaccinated standing up wherever possible.

Monday 5th October is only for flu vaccinations

Monday 5th October is a Public Holiday - the practice will only be open for flu vaccinations.

  • There will be no prescriptions/admin
  • There will be no telephone access

All urgent health concerns will be dealt with by NHS 24 (telephone 111).

On Monday 5th October do not attend for any other reason aside from getting your flu vaccination.

Children’s flu vaccinations

Children's flu vaccinations (patients aged under 18) are being organised by the Childhood Immunisation team or through their Primary School.

The Childhood Flu Immunisation team can be contacted on 01307 475240 or read more about the child flu vaccine.

Posted: 14 September 2020

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