Our staff come to work to care for others, and it is important for all members of the public and our staff to be treated with respect.

In line with the rest of the NHS and to ensure this is fully observed we have instigated a Zero Tolerance Policy, whereby aggressive, abusive (including swearing) or violent behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Whilst we appreciate that when dealing with matters of concern relating to health can be worrying and frustrating, anyone giving verbal abuse to members of staff will be sent a letter from the Business Manager that this behaviour will not be tolerated. Any future violation of this policy may result in removal from the Practice patient list. There will be NO appeal process.

Aggressive behaviour may result in the Police being called.

The Practice feels sure you will understand that proper behaviour is absolutely necessary for our staff and patients and that non observance will not be accepted.

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Posted: 24 July 2015

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